Cane Run to Broadway

Existing Conditions

Details existing conditions of Southwestern/Algonquin Parkway. While most of Southwestern/Algonquin Parkway has deviated from the original intent, the stretch of Southwestern Parkway from Chickasaw Park to Shawnee Park has remained intact with only minor gaps in trees and parking and driveway encroachments. Shawnee Park to Chickasaw Park is mainly residential and south of Chickasaw Park the parkway switches to large industrial lots continuing to South 41st St.

Route Recommendations

A shared-use path will be incorporated on the west side as well as the east/north side of Southwestern Parkway. When the path reaches Chickasaw Park, it should connect to the path in the park. The entire parkway should undergo a roadway reconfiguration to accommodate a bike line on both sides as well as three automobile lanes. Gaps in foliage will be addressed using a cohesive planting scheme. Connectivity and continuity are the main goals.


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Provides Metro Parks with a planning level strategy and potential assessment of costs. Includes utility improvements and relocation, new pedestrian amenities, pedestrian signalization at intersections, and full-depth replacement for parts of the Parkways.