3rd St to New Cut

Existing Conditions

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Southern Parkway was the first parkway to be built and is closest to Olmsted’s original intent. It is relatively uniform and has been rehabilitated over the years by various neighborhood associations. Mainly residential with some small scale commercial uses, schools, offices, and churches. It is also 30 feet wider than the rest of the parkways allowing more service drives and planted medians. Sidewalks are sporadic through the parkway.

Route Recommendations

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The entire parkway will undergo a roadway reconfiguration and have a shared-use path on both sides incorporated. A 10-foot shared-use path will connect between service drives. Accommodations for non-motorized and pedestrian users should be made.


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Provides Metro Parks with a planning level strategy and potential assessment of costs. Includes utility improvements and relocation, new pedestrian amenities, pedestrian signalization at intersections, and full-depth replacement for parts of the Parkways.